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vent-medis, almedis - Who's Who

We are the lung


Your specialized partner for lung scintigraphy!

We, the new company vent-medis GmbH, have taken over the sales division for lung scintigraphy from almedis Altmann GmbH as of January 1, 2018.

The team on the subject of lung ventilation that you have known for many years (previously working for Cyclomedica Germany GmbH / Technegas*) would like to present itself to you anew as a trusted partner for lung scintigraphy.

We would be pleased to continue supplying you with products and services.

* Note: Technegas is a trademark of Cyclomedica Pty Ltd.

almedis Altmann GmbH was founded in 2001 and is specialized in

manufacturing, offering and supporting premium products for nuclear medicine.

almedis is a manufacturer of products for pulmonary ventilation scintigraphy.


We are partners!


We are partner of the company DDD Diagnostic / gamma cameras for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We are partners of COMECER / Products for Nuclear Medicine.

We are your reliable partner in the areas of consulting, new equipment, service and maintenance, repair, accessories and consumables.


Customers in Europe trust in the reliable partnership with almedis.

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