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vent-medis international

Björn Altmann

CEO almedis Altmann GmbH

Björn Altmann founded almedis Altmann GmbH in 2001.

almedis has been manufacturing CE-certified medical products for Technegas since 2002

From 2005 to the end of 2017 he worked as Managing Director and General Manager of Europe for Cyclomedica

Andreas Reparon, Dipl. Ing.

COO vent-medis/ almedis Altmann GmbH

Andreas Reparon draws on many years of experience as a production manager in a larger medium-sized company and has been working with Technegas since 2016. As COO, he has a central international position for the vent-medis team

Rick Gotch

Global Service Engineer till 2017

Rick Gotch was part of the development team launching the very first Generator in 1986 and has been an important part of the vent-medis-team international since 2018

Reiner Paul

Chief Technician Europe  

Reiner Paul has had technical experience with Technegas since 1999. Meanwhile he is also maintaining Gamma-Cameras for almedis Altmann GmbH

Willy Armster

Service Technician Germany and Europe

Willy Armster has had technical experience with Technegas since 2003

Bernd Altmann

Service Technician in Germany & Occupational Safety Specialist 

Bernd Altmann already completed his first Technegas assignment in 1989

Charles W. Buttigieg

International Sales & Marketing, Distributor Management Asia/Pacific

Charles W. Buttigieg has had expert knowledge and broad experience in nuclear medicine since the 1980s, worked in the same position until 2018 in Australia and since mid 2019 for the vent-medis team internationally

Jean-Louis Claude

Distributor Manager Europe/ Middle East/ Canada

Jean-Louis Claude has broad and skilled experience in Nuclear-medicine products and has been involved in distributor managemant position for Technegas for many years

Bettina Puschmann

Administration, order taking, logistics and executive board assistance

Bettina Puschmann has worked for almedis Altmann GmbH since 2003 and also worked for Technegas from 2005 to 2017. She has been part of the vent-medis team since 2018

Elke Schröder

Administration, order taking, logistics and executive board assistance

Elke Schröder has been working for the Technegas division since 2011 and joined the vent-medis team in 2018

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