AMICI Swirler

The Amici Swirler is the market leading DTPA aerosol system in the USA.

The Swirler has been on the market since 1996 and is CE certified in Europe.

The dry aerosol Technegas and the Swirler wet aerosol system from Amici are currently the best systems in the world due to their high proportion of alveolar deposition.

The dry aerosol generator produces nano-sized (approx. 100 nm) radioactive carbon particles and the swirler produces >96% of the aerosol droplets below 1.1 microns (1,100 nm), which go directly to the alveoli. The critical particle size of less than 1.1 microns to enter the alveolar space is also achieved with the swirler. SPECT images are also possible.   


For the Swirler you need apart from DTPA only the Tungsten Shielding, a mounting possibility and an oxygen connection once. High image quality is achieved after three minutes of even and deep inhalation. 800-900 MBQ Technetium is recommended for the inhalation.

Sample images of the application

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