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Mobile extraction system for aerosols and pseudo gas

With the mobile extraction system, the company vent-medis offers you an ideal additional device for increasing the safety during lung ventilation with active radioaerosols and quasigases. The mobile device is easy to handle, easy to use and requires a small footprint. (40 x 50 cm).


With this system you can achieve additional safety when using radioaerosols and quasigases. The device sucks in the ambient air in the head area of the patient and filters it. If radioaerosol / quasigas escapes due to a patient noncompliance during exhalation or due to a sudden coughing, it can be aspirated and thus greatly reduce indoor air contamination.


The filter unit in the device is specially designed for technetium graphite particles and contains a powerful dual filter system consisting of a pre-filter and a long life high-performance ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter) filter. Due to the longevity of the main filter, operating and follow-up costs remain low.


The controller unit of the device has a digital full-text operating panel with stepless speed control, filter monitoring and operating hours counter.


The swivel arm has a tube diameter of 7.5 cm and a reach of 85 cm. The round, transparent dome hood has a patient-friendly diameter of 50 cm.


The housing is made of sturdy sheet steel and runs on smooth-running double castors. It has a wide device handle on the top as well as a large cable holder with combined wall protection on the back. The housing is not lead shielded.

Note: The device has a CE approval, but is not a medical device.

Technical data of the filter device

vent-medis AES 803/G1G

Flow rate: up to 550 m³/h

Pressure difference: app. 2600 Pa

Motor rated power: 360 W

Speed: max. 5800 rpm

Rated voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz

Current consumption: 1,6 A

Dimension WxDxH: 40 x 57 x 76 cm

Weight: about 50 kg

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